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Welcome to my website, featuring the Eskkar Saga. Historical fiction set in the early Bronze Age, the stories and adventures follow the lives of the warrior Eskkar and the keen-witted former slave girl Trella. Together they must find a way to transform farmers and villagers into fighting men and women. They must face a ferocious horde of  barbarians threatening to destroy everything in their path. If Eskkar & Trella succeed, they will build mankind's earliest empire, during a time of great technological change.

6 full-length novels and a new short story series depict the rise of the world’s first city-state.

The Eskkar novels are available worldwide, in nine languages.  Featured are some of the international  covers.

The Eskkar Saga is available at in both print & Kindle editions. They are also offered in other ebook formats at and other places where ebooks are sold.

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What’s new?

  • Rogue Warriors 2 -  an Eskkar & Bracca short story
  • Jettisoned   -  a sci-fi novella
Rogue Warriors 2 Kindle

Rogue Warriors 2 - The second Eskkar & Bracca short story. Once again  our two heroes find themselves in trouble and facing daunting odds. And this time they are up against skilled and brutal fighters, who are just as cunning as Eskkar and Bracca.  Kindle version only. Available at Amazon for 0.99 cents.

Jettisoned Final Hi-res 8-16-14
An inter-planetary cargo ship, the Lady Drake, is transporting ore from Jupiter's moon to earth. But when trouble strikes, it is not the cargo that is jettisoned. Murder stalks the crew, and there is more than cargo within the ship’s hold. Something has driven the Captain and crew to violence, and the evil aboard ship will change mankind's future. Jettisoned is approximately 70 pages in length (90 minutes reading time).  Kindle version only - available at for $0.99.

Amazon’s  Look inside feature provides the novella’s first 5 pages! To access it here, click on the Sci-fi Preview

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